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    Singer/Songwriter/Street Performer

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    Zoë Rae is a singer/songwriter/street performer with a home base of Nashville, TN.

    "My guitar is my best friend. Music is L❤️VE ✌"

    What’s New


    Zoë Rae's YouTube Channel Is Jumpin!

    Zoë is starting to boost her presence on YouTube - Keep your eye out for new videos every two to three weeks!


    New Songs and a New Style!

    Over the next several weeks, Zoë will be releasing some new videos and introducing some great new music she has been working on.

    "It's great to finally find my voice!"

  • Who Is Zoë?

    Zoë Rae - Singer/Songwriter

    Zoë Rae picked up the guitar in September, 2009 and immediately began writing songs. It only took about 9 months for her neighbors to convince her to get up on a stage. After playing guitar for one year, Zoë had written 50 songs and had no desire to hit the brakes any time soon. In August of 2012, she packed everything she owned into an SUV and moved from Loveland, Colorado to Nashville, Tennessee with the hopes of strengthening her songwriting skills in Music City.

    She began street performing on Broadway in Downtown Nashville and worked her way up from playing completely unplugged to having an entire street set up, adding an amplifier and loop pedal. She covers a lot of 90's rock and pop music and with Taylor Swift as her biggest influence, she knows a lot of Taylor Swift songs. But the real fun comes from performing her own songs.

    Zoë's music can be found on her YouTube Channel and she strives to put out new videos ranging from cover songs to brand new original songs at least twice a month! Don't forget to subscribe!

    Keep up with Zoë on her journeys by following her Instagram, facebook and twitter pages.

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    Zoë has been performing on the street for two years and on September 7th, 2014, singer Shawn Mendez took a picture of Zoë's setup on the street in Nashville and posted it to his tens of thousands of twitter fans. Zoë heard about the buzz a month later, and once she saw the post, there were nearly 30,000 favorites and almost 8,000 retweets! She was shocked at the response and wondered how many other photos and videos of her have shown up around the internet.

    In light of this, she is asking for your help! Have you taken a picture or video of Zoë? Have you seen a picture or video that you recognize? Please send them to zoeraemusic@gmail.com

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    Singer/Songwriter • (970) 412-6925 • Nashville, TN

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    With a loop pedal and an acoustic guitar, Zoë Rae is making noise on the streets! With a unique sound mixing Pop, Rock and a bit of Country, Zoë has been writing songs for six and a half years and performing on the street for over half of that time.

    A Street Performer with a home base of Nashville, TN, Zoë has been performing on the street and traveling the country for two and a half years. Now, after discovering an overwhelming interest, she thinks it’s about time she create a tangible product to give to her fans.

    Last spring Zoë hit the road and performed on the street in 12 major US cities in connection with a double Kickstarter campaign. After some bad luck, a broken guitar and uncooperative weather, Zoë went home without making her goals, but gaining some new found motivation and spirit.

    Zoë is currently working on building her YouTube channel and working on some wonderful new things for an album she hopes to record next spring. Keep an eye on her YouTube Channel for some exciting new videos and updates.

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    Zoë Rae

    Singer/Songwriter/Street Performer


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